Robotics Competition!

After some sessions of theory, assembly, software, code, and team working… all the participants had the change to see the circuit and to compete!

At first, they had one chance to prove the circuit. Then, each team had to program a final version of an automatic path to bring the rover from the landing zone of the BU426 planet to the Pick Up Zone!


With a simple map, all the participants had to figure out which was the fastest path but also considering if the terrain was flat enough or they had to face a sharp slope. Then, they had to bring the rover to a target zone, there they need to take a sample of the planet rock to be driven to the final point. In the target zone, considering the window time connecting with the sattelites, the rover had to send a morse code to the Earth using leds! (The message was the SMS word). Finally, carrying the rock sample, the rover had to reach the pick up zone.


Each team had three attemps. Two of them automatic and the last one, manually driven. The following tasks were the ones evaluated:

  • Time
  • Not going out of boundaries. (Danger terrain for the rover!)
  • Sending the correct morse message in the required time. (20s)
  • Avoiding rover turns over.
  • Not loosing the rock sample.
  • Having an optimum structure and weight balance.
  • Reaching the Pick up zone.










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