After one year of work, our participants presented the Space Projects. The aim of that task was to make them work in an atmosphere similar to the real space engineers, that means: work in an intercultural team, handle with distance problems and handle with communication language.

The result was really good and surprising. They admitted theat thanks to the projects, they learnt about unknown space projects for them. They also realized that their own countries contribute in this global missions! Besides, they explained us how the social media and internet helped them with the comunication with people from other countries. Overall, they highlight the problems of this type of work but even so, they would like to work in an intercultural team in a future because they can spread more the word of their project and they can learn from other cultures behavior!



At the beginning, there was supposed to be one best project of the whole group to be published here. But after the presentations session, we realized that all of them deserve to be in the podium!

We really want to remark, that they had been very strong in the following items:

  • References
  • Summarizing
  • Organization
  • Scientific content
  • Team working
  • Oral presentation

Hence, in the following lines, you will be able to read and download all their  work. Enjoy!!!

Space Debris

Sergi, Marta, Patrick, Alisia, Pauline and Christopher

Space Debris Presentation


Marc, Kevin, Thalea, Robin and Ambre

ISS Presentation


Arnau, Jordi, Meryem, Jannick and Gaël

Galileo GNSS Presentation


Adrià, Toni, Janina, Johannes and Chloé

Gaia Presentation


Lluís, Hilda, Samuel, Kim, Juliette and Florian

Rosetta Mission Presentation